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blocktronics has finally arrived. Check out the lowest-res digital masterworks of this talented group of ANSi artists. I'm really proud of these guys. They're keeping the blocks alive in a hostile, hi-res world. The pack includes tutorials, so you can try ANSi too!

Blocktronics info:


Sixteencolors Online…

(requires ansi viewer)
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People have asked me how I draw ANSi. Is it coded? No, it's just like a typing a document with a text editor using special characters.

Here's a link to a youtube video with a quick example of how exactly ANSi is made.
Speed Ansi

It's sped up to be 10 times faster than real time so you won't have to watch me draw for 45 minutes and it's all done with the keyboard, typed, 1 block pixel at a time using the cursor keys to position the next block. I also use the mouse for color selection and editing, but it's nothing like photoshop.

Ansi is slow and tedious. It's not the kind of thing you can sit down and work on for 10 minutes and be done with it. It's not unusual to work on one piece for hours at a time. I hope to update this page with new art soon but I'm waiting until blocktronics releases.
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I joined a new art group called Blocktronics(67 abbreviated). They are an awesome bunch of talented Ansi and Ascii artists that motivate me so much. Since there are so few ansi artists left in the world it's cool to see a tight knit group producing new and interesting art on a daily basis in finished and unfinished stages. It's encouraging to get feedback on stuff that you've drawn and collaborate on artwork in a common file area. We're based in the googlegroup Blocktronics and I think we're setting up a group page here on Deviant Art and even a youtube channel! (crazy I know) I'll be interested to see how far we can take Ansi back into the public eye.

I gotta say I'm tired of people asking me what Ansi is, or wondering why I don't use more / different colors hehe. It may seem archaic to some but I still love it.
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Before I get questions like, 'Where the hell have you been?' and 'Why were you banned?' I'd like to clear the air.

I didn't think I would ever return to this website. I even went as far as to delete all my submissions and had the ops ban my account for me. I had the belief that my art was destroying my life and I suffered from depression. If anything, I've learned that my art makes me happy. It's the one true outlet of creativity that I have and instead of suppression it should be encouraged. I regret skipping out on my friends and leaving without a word, I'm sorry for my selfishness.

I'm slowly finding and converting my old art again to upload and I hope to get new stuff up soon. Bear with me, I can't remember exactly what stuff I had uploaded before, and then deleted when I went batshit insane, and what people haven't seen yet and might enjoy.